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In addition to antique lighting, one of our greatest passions is collecting antique art glass. Since purchasing large pieces of art glass can be quite costly and requires a lot of space to display, we collect smaller objects, such as salt & pepper shakers and tumblers. We can acquire many examples of the various types of art glass, and still have adequate space to display them.

We are former members of the:

~ Antique and Art Glass Salt Shaker Collector's Society ~

We particularly like cranberry glass and it's derivatives:

  • Cranberry - decorated and plain!

  • Rubina - cranberry shading to clear.

  • Rubina Verde - vaseline shading to cranberry (my personal favorite!).

  • Amberina - amber shading to cranberry.
We also like the rarer types of art glass: Peachblow, Agata, and Burmese. We prefer the glossy finished over the pieces having a matte or satinized finish. In general, these represent heat-sensitive glass. Heat-sensitive glass turns different colors when it is re-heated. That is how the graduations from one color to another are made.

Here are two examples of Peachblow glass. The shaker is Wheeling Peachblow, circa 1886.

Here are two tumblers flanking a celery. They represent examples of Diamond Quilted MOP Satin Glass shading from pink to white, Spangle or Vasa Murrhina Glass containing mica flakes, and Tortoise Shell Glass.

Here are two examples of Decorated Spatter Glass Barrels, one in pink and white, the other in honey amber and white.

Here are three examples of Decorated Amber Glass shakers.

Some examples of figural shakers: Flat Side Egg by Mt. Washington, a custard Corn by Dithridge & Company, and Single Dice by W.L. Libbey & Sons Company .

Here's a rare Fish Pond shaker by Moser Meierhofen Works, and a wide stripe opalescent barrel.

We are also very fond of blue glass shakers, especially ones that have hand-painted enamel decorations. Overall, any colored glass example with hand painted decoration is a welcome addition to our collection.

We have a number of opalescent pieces in our collection as well. From left to right: a Reverse Swirl by Buckeye Glass Company, a Polka Dot by West Virginia Glass Company, a Polka Dot opalescent by Fenton, circa 1955, and a Sixteen Pillar with diamond lattice by Hobbs, Brockunier & Company.

Standard Reference Materials
on Art Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers

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We currently have one copy available.
Contact us if you are interested.

Mildred & Ralph Lechner,
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